Machinery and equipment

A diverse and modern stock of machinery and equipment makes even demanding metalwork possible

Modern machinery and highly skilled employees ensure high production quality

We have a modern stock of machinery and equipment, which results in high-quality, accurate, reliable and fast production. We have access to a wide variety of machining centres, lathes, cutters, saws and other machines.


  • FPT Area 50M
    Travelling column machine
    X=12,000, Y=1,500, Z=5,000 mm; 9-axis

  • Microcut HBM4
    X=2,200, Y=1,600, Z=1,600

  • Microcut challenger 1300
    X=1600, Y=1000, Z=850 mm; 4-axis

  • Hartford Pro-1000A
    X=1000, Y=600, Z=600 mm; 4-axis

  • Ibarmia ZVL 3000
    X=3000, Y=700, Z=600 mm

  • Mazak MTV-515-40
    X=1500, Y=510, Z=560 mm; 2 pallets

  • Hartford HCMC-18
    X=1800, Y=920, Z=820 mm

  • Mazak Nexus 510C

    X=1050, Y=510, Z=510 mm
  • TOS WHN 13 CNC
    Horizontal Boring Mill
    X=5000, Y=2500, Z=1750, W=800; with CNC turning table

  • Spinner MCV1100
    X=1100, Y= 510, Z=510 mm; 5-axis

  • Kiwa
    X=1000, Y=650, Z=650 mm; 4-axis

  • Stimon fu-71,2
    Z=1700, Y=710, Z=900 mm

  • Mazak MTV-655/60N
    X=1500, Y=650, Z=650 mm, 2 pallets

  • Bridgeport VMC-1000.22
    X=1000, Y=500, Z=480 mm

  • Hartford pro-3000
    X=3000, Y=1500, Z=780 mm


  • Mazak Integrex 300-IV
    multitasking lathe
    Max. turning diameter Ø=700, turning length 1,200 mm

  • Mazak SN-50
    With rotating tools; max. turning diameter Ø=600, turning length 1,000 mm

  • Hyundai HIT-8S
    with rod feeder

  • Mazak quick turn 8-SP
    Max. turning diameter Ø=160, turning length 230 mm

  • Mazak quick turn 20
    Max. turning diameter Ø=310, turning length 1,000 mm; 2-axis
  • Puma 400M
    With rotating tools; max. turning diameter Ø=770, turning length 1,000 mm

  • Hyundai HIT-20M
    With rotating tools and rod feeder

  • Harrison Alpha 550
    Max. turning diameter Ø=1,000, turning length 2,500 mm

  • Mazak QT Nexus 250
    With rotating tools; max. turning diameter Ø=380, turning length 1,000 mm

  • Mazak Integrex 35
    Max. turning diameter Ø=350, turning length 1,500 mm; 4-axis


  • CNC flame cutter
    ESAB with four torches, travel 3,000 x 6,000 mm
    includes fine beam plasma cutting for precious metals
    e.g. aluminium max. 80 mm

  • Shear machine
    max. 10 mm, length 3,000 mm
  • CNC water jet cutter
    ALIKO with two nozzles, travel 3,000 x 6,000 mm

  • GEKA multi-cutter


  • CNC Saw
    Daito; max. workpiece diameter 800 mm

  • Several manual and CNC saws


  • CNC Press brake
    Length 3,000 mm and force 400 tonnes

  • Rolling machine

  • CNC tube bending machines
    Multiple tube bending machines, max. diameter 90 mm

  • Horizontal boring machine
    X=3000, Y=2000, Z=1800 mm

  • Multiple CNC radial drills

  • Multiple threading machines

  • Multiple milling machines

  • Multiple hydraulic presses
  • Flat bending machine
    Max. 15 x 200 mm

  • Profile bending machine

  • Mig/mag and tig fielding machines
    We can also weld precious metals, such as aluminium.

  • Votan boring machine

  • Multiple vertical column drills

  • Multiple welding positioners
    For tube-shaped pieces, L max=4000

  • Multiple lathes
    Turning length 1000-5000 mm

MAZAK Nexus 510C